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1. Copyright

The owner and operator of the website "www.simplebath.cz" is the company Simple Progress s.r.o. (also referred to as the "Operator"). According to the law No. 121/2000 Sb. (Copyright), the Operator is the only one, unless it is designated by the relevant persons, to exercise property rights to this website.

The rights and obligations of the operator and other users are governed by the rules set here. These Rules apply to any person visiting this Site (also referred to as the "User").

All content on this website is protected by copyright, trademark law and the relevant provisions of the Unfair Competition Code. Texts, art, photographic and other content contained herein are protected separately and as complete, including their arrangement, and without the proven consent of the Operator, it is expressly prohibited copying and further distribution in any way. Some components may contain hidden safeguards that will be used for both civil and criminal proceedings against unauthorized persons. The operator also dissociates himself from the content of the pages of foreign websites linked by links from his presentation. If the User visits any of these pages, the Operator is not responsible for their security and protection of the User's personal data.

2. Cookies

"Cookies" is information that is stored from the website on the User's hard disk. Our website uses cookies to help you browse the web and help us improve the content and offers. By using our site, the User agrees to the storage of cookies on his computer/device.

At the same time, the Operator declares that it does not use cookies to monitor the User's personal data or to use cookies for the purpose of advertising, mail offers or others that the User has not requested. These cookies are of a technical nature only, which serves for the correct functionality of the website of the Operator. The website also uses Google Analytics - these cookies are only used to generate anonymous traffic statistics (they do not store sensitive nor personal data).

The settings for the use of cookies can be changed by each User in the configuration tools of their Internet browser. If the User blocks all cookies, he/she will not be able to fully utilize some of the functions of this site and their content may not display correctly. The operator, therefore, recommends that the cookies are stored from his site, not being blocked.

3. Terms of Users behavior

When using this website, the User must not interfere with the security of this website, must not use the website for harmful actions or try to penetrate publicly inaccessible places of the presentation. All use of this website must be performed by the User in such a way as to prevent unlawful conduct or violation of the laws of the Czech Republic.

4. Liability and Jurisdiction

The Operator bears no responsibility for any risks that may arise to the User using this website. Any disputes arising in connection with the use of this presentation will be settled by the local court of the Czech Republic and in accordance with its laws.

5. Declaration of accessibility

The operator of the website declares that this website is built with the aim of achieving maximum accessibility of the content and all its functional elements for Users accessing its website.

The presentation is created using HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and CSS. The site is designed for standard Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others that support web standards. In non-standard browsers, the Operator cannot guarantee the correct display and behavior of the whole presentation.